Quiz Results

So, what do your scores mean? If you scored a 6 or 7 in any of the 5 Essential C's, then that area is strong for you. You experience success in that area. If, however, you scored 5 or below, then that is an area in which you may want to grow.

Score 6 or 7:  List the area(s) in which you scored a 6 or 7. In what way(s) can you acknowledge this strength in yourself?  In what way(s) do you demonstrate this skill in your life? Noticing and acknowledging your strengths is key to success.

Score 5 or below:  Which area(s) did you score a 5 or below? Looking at each area, notice what you could do to improve that score by just one point. 

Design Your Daring Life
by Connie M. Leach, Ed.D
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