I Dared to be More, Part 2

In my article, "I Dared to be More, Part 1" I shared how I faced my fear of not feeling good the way I looked and decided to hire a professional clothing stylist. For me, just having someone come into my home, look into my closet, and search for articles of clothing that would be suitable clothing to wear was way beyond my comfort zone. The stylist assured me she could put together a great outfit from anyone's closet...but I was sure she was soon to meet her challenge in my closet!

The morning of our appointment, I went through every closet and drawer in my house frantically looking for any item of clothing that could possibly enhance the pittance of clothing I currently had in my bedroom closet. I felt stressed out looking at the somewhat old and outdated offerings as I laid these items across my bed. What could she possibly put together from my current pieces of random clothes?

At 12:30 that afternoon, Bobbie arrived right on time. She wanted to spend some time getting to know me, so we sat and had a cup of coffee and chatted. Bobbie was positive and easy to talk to. She made me feel comfortable and assured me that everyone can look good in clothes if they find the right style, fit, and colors.

I was thrilled when Bobbie had me take her brief "Fashion Personality Quiz." I discovered I was "The Natural style." It said I enjoy colors that are natural and muted and that I tend to have a relaxed and unassuming manner. That explained why I'm drawn to clothing catalogs such as Coldwater Creek, JJill, and Sundance.

Next, Bobbie hung a rod on my bedroom door in which to hang my soon-to-be complete outfits. She carefully looked over my garments putting together colors and patterns I never dreamed of putting together. I was astonished at what seemed like a miracle of possible outfits. Bobbie even added my paltry array of jewelry to complete the look.

Below is a picture of a cream-colored jacket I had purchased for my son's wedding rehearsal which I found hidden in the back of my guest-room closet. I had totally forgotten about that jacket and as you can see from the pictures below, Bobbie was able to create several outfits from this one jacket:

As you can see above, my closet was full of neutral and natural colors which certainly fit my "Fashion Personality." Though, it's true, I tend to dress in an understated manner, I also love bright and bold colors. So it wasn't too surprising that my secondary fashion style was "The Dramatic." This style enjoys strong clear colors and bold lines with jewelry that can be quite noticeable.

I loved this bold outfit so much, I wore it right away to a business dinner meeting the following evening. This outfit seems so obvious to me now, but I honestly had never thought of putting these three items together.

Bobbie, also took the time to go through some of my clothing catalogs, starring the items that would look best on me. She chose a knit denim jacket along with a beautiful pair of lake blue leather sandals. I was beginning to get a better idea of how I could take a few risks and daring myself to be more bold in my choices.

I found myself selecting jewelry from the catalog that was more bold, yet neutral, than I ever would have dared. This Boho Wood Flower Necklace from Coldwater Creek was an exciting new purchase.

The bottom line and take away of my story is that I dared to push through one of my deepest fears. Rather than choose to hide in the shadows like a shrinking violet, I am now feeling more empowered and prepared to attend various events and have a better eye for choosing the right clothes for me.

If you, too, are feeling unsure or embarrassed about your style, even though you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear...please visit Bobbie Casalino-Lewis, and discover your own best look!

Remember, Design Your Daring Life, is all about taking a risk, doing something out of your comfort zone, and stepping into your greatest self.

What's your next dare?

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