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     I love helping women uncover their passion and purpose in their work and/or in their life. I use my training as a professionally certified coach to help you find out who you are, what you want, and then, together, we create a personalized plan on how to get there. My job is to listen to what you're saying and perhaps not saying to help you move through whatever is keeping you stuck. 

     I, generally, work with women who either want to start their own business, look for a new career or job opportunity, or just want to explore their life options. I, also, coach young women and teens searching for their college and area of focus. We explore their future goals and create an action plan to get them started. 

    I look forward to embarking with you on an exciting journey of your success and ultimate happiness!


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Career/Solopreneur Coaching


For women who want to start their own business, design a new career path, or seek advancement in a current job.

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College Planning

College Planning

For women and teens who want to discover their future goals and create a strategy for making it happen. 

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

For women who may feel stuck and frustrated and want to explore various options for their lives.

Design Your Daring Life
by Connie M. Leach, Ed.D
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