Why I Coach...

        Design Your Daring Life...Design Your Daring Career is about breaking through the fear that holds us back and allowing ourselves to shine. Often our inner voice tells us that we're not good enough or we don't know enough. It tells us that we're not ready to leap into a more challenging career, go to college, or start a new business.

         I have been in the helping field my entire adult life; first as a classroom teacher, an administrator, and now a career/life coach. I have seen young women give up on themselves, settle for the safe route, and never fully challenge themselves to attain their highest potential. In my book, Adolescent Girls at Risk, I tell the stories of three girls who each were on track for certain failure. They felt lost and unloved.

       Today, I coach women to break through their own fears and step into the leaders they're meant to be. My job as coach is to challenge, support, and work alongside clients as they face their own fears of failure, rejection, and not feeling good enough for something greater. Through coaching, my clients can uncover their truest gifts and passion and DARE to go after their dreamiest dreams and desires. When my clients succeed, I succeed, and the world becomes a much better place! Together, we can DARE to soar and live the life we're each meant to live!



Connie is an author, speaker and certified Life and Career coach specializing in guiding young adults to achieve their greatest potential. Connie has earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and holds Masters degrees in education and counseling with an undergraduate degree in psychology.


As a former public school teacher and administrator, Connie's passion is in challenging and supporting students to achieve their very best life.

      *Doctorate of Educational Leadership, Arizona State University
          *Masters in Counseling, University of Phoenix
          *Masters in Elementary Education, Northern Arizona University
          *Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of California, Sacramento
          *Certified Professional Coach, Adler School of Professional Coaching
          *Certified Gestalt Counselor, Gestalt Institute of Phoenix
          *Positive Psychology Certification
          *Positive Discipline Training
          *Career Coach Certification
          *Certification in Women's Studies

       College to Career Coaching for Students:
              *Identify interests, strengths, focus, learning style
               *Self-awareness: confidence, relationships, personal branding
               *Future life & career goals 
               *Self-discovery: personality, values, strengths, mindset
               *Over-coming roadblocks: procrastination, perfectionism 
        Solopreneur Coaching:
             *Career exploration and transition 
             *Business marketing and branding
             *Starting your own business
             *Work-life balance


"I chose to work with Connie because I was feeling a sort of malaise about my current work situation. Connie helped me calm down and focus on what I really wanted to get done so I didn't feel so overwhelmed all the time. Some sessions I would start with absolutely no clue what I would want to talk about but Connie helped suss out the core of what was dragging me down that day or that week. She also helped make me see how manageable each of my frustrations really was." 
-Megan, Santa Monica
Design Your Daring Life
by Connie M. Leach, Ed.D
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