College Coaching...

    I work with high school and college students who want to clarify their college major and future career goals. 

    Together we formulate your interests, gifts, preferences, strengths , and dreams to identify a personal plan for your future.

    In addition, we look at courses and schools that best suit your needs. You will walk away with a clear action-plan and the confidence to carry it out! 


    Before you waste another semester without a purpose or goal in mind, coaching can help you be clear about what what you want and a plan to make it happen.

"Coaching with Connie, I discovered more about myself through crafts such as the 'Me' poster. I also developed better conversation/social skills, in order to better express my ideas confidently.


Connie was encouraging, reassuring, nonjudgmental, and worked at my pace. She sometimes pushed me to accomplish tasks that would later benefit me. She supported and watched over my progress."

-Sabrina S., Redondo


Discover what you want...

    create an action plan...

         and, then make it happen!

"It is difficult to be a parent of a teenager, and at the same time coach them objectively - and especially with no training or education in coaching young people. Connie is objective and professional. Connie's education and leadership experience make her an ideal coach for young women."

-Mike Heim, Parent


Do not be afraid to ask for help. Nobody gets through college on their own.
                       -Michelle Obama

"Connie's services have also helped my teenage daughter who is trying to find her path through high school as she tries to discover what her interests are and what she would like to major in college.  Connie has been extremely helpful to my husband and me in this matter. It is much more effective to have a strong and intelligent 'Third Party' person such as Connie, to help sort through the layers of uncertainties during the teenage years."

-Mani Stone, Parent


              Connie M. Leach, Ed.D.      

Connie M. Leach, College & Career Coaching Services