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What does a Daring Life mean for you?

The word DARING is meant to challenge and empower you to be adventurous and take the risks to go after what you want in life. It could mean having the courage to leave a job you dislike or getting that college degree you've been putting off.


For others it might mean finding someone special in your life, speaking out for a cause, or overcoming a physical or emotional challenge.


Whatever daring means to you, the time to start is now. Not sure where or how to begin?

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I primarily work with women and young adults who want to create a plan for their future success. 

Together we discover the work that is both meaningful and fulfilling for you and then create an action-plan to make it happen.

Life Coaching For Women

What is holding you back?

As a life and mentor coach for women, my role is to support you as you take the necessary risks to go after the  the life you want.


Together, we will create a powerful vision for your life along with bringing forth possibilities that may not have been previously explored.

As a coach, I am a committed partner in your success.


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What to Expect from Coaching

  • Create a short and long-term plan for your future 

  • Clarify your life goals, values, and intentions

  • Strengthen your confidence and "can-do" spirit

  • Overcome self-doubt, fear, and worries

  • Improve the balance in your life

  • Be supported as you take a leap without fear of mistakes

  • Prioritize and organize your life

College Coaching

Create a personal plan for your future... from college major to a meaningful career.

College coaching is about designing your future with help from a professionally trained coach and mentor. In this setting, you will uncover your passion, interests, and natural abilities for your future career. You will take a deep dive into your unique personality and explore the many possibilities available to you. 

My job, as your college coach is to listen for your needs and interests, make suggestions, share ideas, present resources, provide encouragement, and help co-create a specific plan for your college major and ultimate career.

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College Coaching is for you if you want to...

  • Decide on your college major and focus.

  • Develop your strengths, interest, and talents.

  • Overcome fear, procrastination, and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from taking action.

  • Have a clear plan for your future.

  • Build self-confidence and sense of purpose.

  • Build relationships and make friends.

  • Choose a college that's best for you.

  • Feel successful.

Career & Solopreneurial Coaching

What do you want to create?

What do you want to achieve?

Whether you're looking at accelerating your career, looking at how to best manage workplace challenges, making a career change, or starting your own solo-business coaching is a powerful way to get clarity, direction, and set action steps. 

Having transitioned from supervising staff in the public school setting into the startup world, I can help support you in your career desires. My goal is to help you stay motivated, deal with specific challenges, and remain on track with your long-term goals.

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Career Coaching is for you if you want to...

  • Gain clarity on your short and long-term career goals.

  • Start a new career or solo-business, but don't know where to start.

  • Overcome fear, procrastination, and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from taking action.

  • Improve your work/life balance and meaningful work.

  • Career growth and work fulfillment.

  • Have a positive mindset​.

Coaching Options

Goal Setting Power Session 18+ yrs.


One 90-minute session to hone in on what's important to you. We will work together to clarify your goals and set a clear plan to achieve them.

One-on-One Coaching Program 17+ yrs.


Six 45-minute sessions over a 3 month period plus one follow-up session

within one year. Package includes :

✔ Initial life coaching assessment

✔ Clarity of goals, passion, and purpose

✔ Clear action plans following each session

✔ Unlimited email communication

✔ Resource materials

✔ Confidentiality


"Connie helped me calm down and focus on what I really wanted to get done so I didn't feel so overwhelmed all the time. Some sessions I would start with absolutely no clue what I would want to talk about but Connie helped suss out the core of what was dragging me down that day or that week. She also helped make me see how manageable each of my frustrations really was."

- Kate, Los Angeles

"It is difficult to be a parent of a teenager and at the same time coach them objectively — and especially with no training or education in coaching young people. Connie is objective and professional. Connie's education and leadership experience make her an ideal coach for young women."

- Mike Heim, parent of daughter age 17 

"My coach encourages and pushes me to accomplish tasks that would later benefit me; she supports along the whole process and watches over my progress."

- Sabrina, age 18