Design Your Daring Life Workbook

Throughout each chapter, you'll learn how to build positive relationships, explore the grandest vision for  your future, and create a unique plan based on your intentions for a meaningful and happy life.

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Take your life to the next level with the 5 Essential C's, Foundations for Success.  

Choice:  Make decisions that support your intentions, values, goals, and life purpose.


Confidence: Believe in your own strengths and abilities.

Creativity: Awaken your intuitive and joyful nature. 

Compassion: Build healthy and caring connections with yourself and all living beings.

Courage: Understand the roadblocks that hold you back.

CHARGE Up Your Life Books...
What holds you back from living the life you want?  Being able to identify and understand how the 6 major barriers can keep you stuck will help you find the success and happiness you deserve. 
Connie's Academic Research...
The personal and intimate stories of three at-risk female students are told in the form of written portraits. Their compelling stories tell about the victimization and betrayal by their families, schools, and society. These portrayals challenge the reader to come to "know" each girl with compassion and understanding.
Design Your Daring Life
Discover what you want and then summon the confidence and courage to live it.
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