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Trying to figure out what to do next for your career can feel stressful! There are so many choices and decisions to be made, that it can feel overwhelming and oftentimes downright scary!

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What I hear from young women is that they...

  • feel stuck, not knowing what career or college to pursue

  • feel pressure from parents to attend college, but are unclear about what choices to make

  • feel unhappy with their current job, but are afraid to make a change

  • feel afraid to make the wrong choice

In fact, they tell me that they just want to find a job/career that will make them happy!

As a professionally trained coach, I help young women...

  • clarify who they are and what they want

  • explore possibilities in a creative and fun way

  • build confidence and self-assurance

  • create a plan for their future​

In fact, I've worked with many young women who have chosen their college major and the school or training that best suited them. Each one found a career or work that gave them the success and fulfillment they were seeking.

"It is difficult to be a parent of a teenager and at the same time coach them objectively — and especially with no training or education in coaching young people. Connie is objective and professional. Connie's education and leadership experience make her an ideal coach for young women."

Mike Heim, parent

Unsure How to Get Started?

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